Judgement: The Root of Evil (Notes from 01/29/14 – Convo with J. Braxton)

28 03 2014

No.  It’s not money.

To find the root of evil, you have to find the origin in our existence.

In Genesis, there were two trees of note.

The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The fruit of the tree of life, was life (eternal).

The fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Judgement.

Good and Evil is the Noun element.  Judgement is the Verb element.


Why did we focus on one tree but not the other?  If we focused on “Our” tree, and not “God’s” tree, we would still be in paradise.

Bring that sentence into 2014.

If we focused more on LIFE (Living/Love/Joy) and not JUDGEMENT, our world would BE PARADISE.

How many wars would we have if we all loved each other as we loved ourselves?  (Follow Christ’s Commandments)

In every area of human relation that brings strife, judgement is present.  Rid yourself of judgement and enjoy a new experience called life.  (Enlightenment)


(Notes) – Dealing With A Broken Soul (Part 2) – 7 Steps to Grieving Process

19 07 2011

In order to grow, no matter whatever is bothering us, we must go through a grieving process.

The issue is never starting it, it is COMPLETING IT.

Complete the process and grow

incomplete process = being STUCK

7 Steps:

1. Name your pain. – What happened?  What did it cost you?  You can’t rebuke everything is Jesus name.  Some things are placed in your face for you to work through to get you to a better place.

2. Grieve your loss.  You can’t heal without it.

3.  Try on your offenders shoes.  Everything about them.  Deep meditation on this point.

4. What pearls came out of your pain?  You become better because of the pain you went through.

5.  Journal your feelings.  Get the pain out of your system.  Even if you have to write a letter to the person who offended you and not send it, do it for the sake of getting the pain out of your system.

6. Release your offender.  Give up the right for revenge or anger.  Untie the knot.

7.  Reach out to your offender.  Forgiveness heals.


(Notes) – Dealing With A Broken Soul (Part 1)

19 07 2011

re: Stuck seminar – 2008

Past Hurt causes one to focus on the pain, and not God

It Follows one

Emotionally Unhealthy

Makes one Unproductive

God can heal your past and bless your future

Your history need not hinder your future

God can allow us to see the past but forget the pain

Read Genesis Chapter 41

Manasseh – (God made me forget all my misery)

Ephraim – (God has mad me fruitful in the land of my affliction)

Forget and be fruitful

The solution is growth

Growth happens in the valleys, not on the mountain tops

You cant grow if its everyone elses fault

victims never grow

Retrospect… May 1, 2011

2 05 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Gas prices are still $4+

Unemployment is still a rampant problem.

The Ecomony is still crap.

Troops are still deployed.

Troops are still in harms way.

The Twin Towers are still gone.

The 3,000+ people that died on 9/11/01 are still dead.

The 5,000+ American troops that died since 9/11/01 are still dead.

Al-Qaeda still exists and are probably looking for revenge, since one of their high ranking leaders “died a martyr,” in their eyes.

Now they have more reason to hate the US because people were dancing in the streets, in front of the White House.  No police broke up that party, so it looks like it was White House sanctioned.

Again, US troops are still deployed, and in harms way.

What did we accomplish again?

…by all means necessary…

17 11 2010

When a person learns a martial art, they go through several phases.  Initially, the practitioner is typically very excited and ready, willing and able to show what they can do.  They want to show off, or prove themselves.  Typically this is a very war like time period.  They know enough to defend themselves, but they do not know enough to subdue/beat their main opponent.  Themselves.  They are a person with a weapon.

After many years of developing skill and refining beyond lethality, the practitioner matures in skill and spirit.  They know and fully understand what they are.  They go from having a weapon, to being the weapon.  This knowledge makes one appreciate life.  They no longer find it necessary to showcase their skill.  They conceal it and when confronted, they bury it under mounds of humility.  They have to.  For they know that if they have even a shimmer of pride, that they can and will end someone’s life for something trivial.  This is to be avoided at all costs.

In conjunction with this stage, the practitioner goes into another stage, one there they constantly seek peace.  The weapon ceases to exist.  All that remains is peace.  Its not even a situation of seeking it.  It just is.

I need peace.  I dont want to live a life constantly going to war on many fronts.  Life is not war.  Life is about balance, but constant war is not balance.  All war-mongers typically become the master of their own demise.  I can not accept such a fate.

A Great Honor

19 10 2010

One of the greatest honors you can bestow upon a man is to call him out as your enemy.


You think that often of me to see me as against your existence.

You think that much of me to consider me your antithesis.

You think that highly of me to put me in the same category as your friends.  People you acknowledge.  You acknowledge me as SOMEONE.  A someone that is against you.

Thank you for thinking about me and recognizing me.  For if I were truly unimportant to you, you would not recognize me at all, correct?

Too bad the feeling is not mutual.

(Just something to think about.  Not directed to anyone, and therefore directed to everyone.  Peace.)

Pride and Consequence

9 08 2010

I often write with a focus that can be taken and applied to multiple facets of life.  Recently, my words have been perused and criticized/questioned by a particular group of people who will remain nameless.  Well, regardless of what they think of me, my words, or my intentions, I always had the same intentions that I have now, to bring the best out of people.  I would rather people avoid learning things the hard way.  Funny enough, some of my colleagues know this and prefer that people learn the hard way.  The often say to others, “…John is the nice one.  He tells you what you need to hear, while I just allow you to fall flat on your face.”  My “niceties” were taken as disrespect due to the fact that I did not lie to save feelings, no matter how subtle the message was.  Its ok though, for Christ was persecuted for the same thing.  Good company to be in.  Regardless, my message continues to those that have an ear to hear.

The message today is this.  If you are in any field of study, humility should be paramount in how you attain your knowledge.  Often times people get to caught up in how much they know, and not enough in, what can I learn from so-and-so.  Even in the person at hand appears to know less than you, keeping humble gives you the ability to gain knowledge and not shun it.

There are many who like to give the illusion of humility, however when it comes to it, they are narcissistic in nature.  This only limits your experience in life, and we all know that your knowledge is based on your experience.  Even those placed in the position of teacher can learn from their students, for all teachers will tell you that one of the best ways to learn is through teaching.  Humility in both individuals makes way for great acquisition of knowledge.  The moment one of the two loses humility, the learning process becomes stagnant and difficult.

I learned of a situation at a martial arts school in NYC where certain students are taking the proud route and are pushing someone who has superior skill but less tenor at the school to make some drastic moves.  The elder students are throwing their tenor around recklessly and are about to get challenged for their position.  This can and will be a big shame to them.  I hope for their sake that they calm their spirit and learn to be humble.