Judgement: The Root of Evil (Notes from 01/29/14 – Convo with J. Braxton)

28 03 2014

No.  It’s not money.

To find the root of evil, you have to find the origin in our existence.

In Genesis, there were two trees of note.

The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The fruit of the tree of life, was life (eternal).

The fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Judgement.

Good and Evil is the Noun element.  Judgement is the Verb element.


Why did we focus on one tree but not the other?  If we focused on “Our” tree, and not “God’s” tree, we would still be in paradise.

Bring that sentence into 2014.

If we focused more on LIFE (Living/Love/Joy) and not JUDGEMENT, our world would BE PARADISE.

How many wars would we have if we all loved each other as we loved ourselves?  (Follow Christ’s Commandments)

In every area of human relation that brings strife, judgement is present.  Rid yourself of judgement and enjoy a new experience called life.  (Enlightenment)


(Notes) -v How Regret is Spawned…

6 07 2011

Judges chapter 14- story of Samson

Following the flesh only leads to regret

Regret comes when you lower your standards.

God has the highest of standards – keep God’s standards

Do not shun wise councel

Understand, there is a difference between “hating” and wise councel

Do not forget your promise to God

There will always be signs that come up that you need to change.

What signs are trying to steer us away from regret?

What signs have I ignored?

God is everywhere and speaks through any and everyone.  Make sure you hear the message.