Open Letter to…

30 03 2014

Dear …,

I write this letter as a means of closure in the chapter of our friendship/relationship/business/whatever you want to call it.  I have taken plenty of steps back.  I have given you the benefit of the doubt.  I have, against my good judgement, remained calm and refrained from going H.A.M. on your people.  You STILL have not done the righteous thing to do, so at this point I am cutting you off completely.

Your people have disrespected me on a level that embarrassed you and supposedly prompted you to tell them to apologize to me.  This of course is only hearsay, being that you never called me back to confirm this or speak on it.  Nor have you forced the guilty party to atone for their transgressions.  I guess you figured you would just sweep that under the rug, similar to the way you apologized to me for violating.  In private.  Never in public.

Why didn’t you ever address these issues to everyone that was affected?  Why did you treat it like some big taboo secret that nobody was to mention?  Could it be because you still held resentment for my righteous action which trumped your cowardly actions?  REAL people would not only apologize for transgressions, but would take corrective measures to insure healing.  Or did you think that what occurred between you and I were small potatoes?  If so, why did things go south for you and everyone else involved since then?  Look at your group.  Things were never the same since I left, which is precisely why for the past 3 years you wanted me back.  You didn’t have to lie to me.  I hear it.  Everyone still speaks about it, just not to you.

All I ever wanted was for people to do the RIGHT thing.  You however, would much rather lie than do righteous action.  Tell the truth.

Tell them how you wanted me to run things and offered that opportunity to me 5 years ago.

Tell them how you really feel about their inner and outer weakness.

Tell them what you told me about myself and the other really good guy.  Tell them that you would have failed without us.

Or better yet, tell them the truth about themselves.

Tell them what they need to hear to avoid over compensating for a lack of ability.

Tell them something that will make them stop deifying your words and make them start living it.

Tell them something to make them better people in the long run, even if it means hurting their temporary feelings.


But I get it.  I can’t expect you to ever tell them the truth.  All of this is far too difficult if you constantly lie to yourself.

You know, the worst part of this is the fact that you had all the potential in the world to make these people better.  Instead you just enabled them to be worse.  That was NEVER supposed to be in your job description.  YOU KNOW THIS TOO!

How does it feel to purposely and knowingly lead these people astray?  Can you sleep at night safely knowing that one if not most of these people that depend on you can and will be hurt because you never gave them the necessary information they needed to become better?

I sure wouldn’t want that on my conscious.  I am glad I had nothing to do with all of this.

I am embarrassed to even be associated.  Moving forward, I will do everything in my power to NOT be associated with your foolishness.


In closing, you are a nice person.  Unfortunately you lack a spine.  This is where your niceness ends.  Being nice is not enough.  If MLK Jr. was nice, the Civil Rights movement would not have had such a strong necessary leader.  What have your niceties brought you except more drama and fake friends?  Real friends will tell you the truth, no matter what.  Regardless of if you are right or dead wrong.  And despite your choices, they will stand by your side and help you face the consequences of your decision.


Do you even have one of these?


Walk by me in the future and don’t acknowledge me.  I no longer acknowledge you.

Sincerely and in clear conscious,

J. Wellington


p.s. – I forgive you.  But please keep in mind, just because I forgive you does not mean that the bridge can ever be built again.  If you don’t believe it, break a glass on your kitchen floor, then apologize.  See if automatically comes back together.  1