O.G.M.P. #5 – God’s Illa

20 07 2011

These brothers have been called the new millennium version of Brand Nubian.  That alone says something great about them.  Repping the DMV and Brooklyn, you have a group of brothers not only making positive, bangin music, but also have a dope clothing line.  You ask where the real hip hop is, and as long as brothers like Ace, Powerful and Truth are around, the answer isn’t too far off.  Check them on iTunes.


O.G.M.P. # 4 – Jay Electronica

7 10 2010

There is a good reason why Nas, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Diddy and a host of people in the industry are buzzing about this man.  Its funny.  It seems like every emcee that was at one time homeless brings something incredible to hip hop.  (example KRS ONE)

This song is a salute to hip hop veteran Nas, and the song that jump-started their friendship and business.

O.G.M.P. #3 – Maya Azucena

17 02 2010

I first heard of this woman circa 2002-2003.  I had no clue how much I would love her music.  One listen to her album blew me away.  It made me wonder why people such as herself did not get the due respect they deserved.  I know the answer has to do with politics and bs, but still!  Years later I find out the following:

*Grammy winner, Featured Artist on Best Reggae Album: Stephen Marley ’07/08

*Best Female Vocal, Best Overall Vocal, and Best R&B Vocal: ABC Radio Networks’ Fame Games EFFIGY AWARDS 2008

*Best Female Vocalist nominee: Soul Tracks Readers Choice Awards’06 & ’07

*Album of the Year nominee: Soul Tracks Readers Choice Awards ’07

*Best Live Performer of the Year: Agape Indie Soul Awards ’07

*Best Alternative Artist of the Year: AllHipHop.com ’06

For more of her music, check iTunes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, Maya  Azucena.

Obligatory Good Music Post #2 – J-Live

28 01 2010

I first met this brother back in 2002 at a video shoot.  It was for a song called “Underground Up” by Mr Complex.  We were all playing 2-hand touch football in the snow at a local highschool in Brooklyn.  (Who would of known that Wordsworth was such a good athlete?)  It was a fun day.

I have been listening to this man’s music since 98, and he is authentic hip hop.  Creativity!!!!!!  How many people do you know that can spit a rhyme and cut and blend records back and forth?  (Check his song Braggin Rights, and yes he does this at live shows!)  Yes, he is an accomplished DJ as well.

For those that don’t know.  I present, J-Live.

Obligatory Good Music Post #1 – Substantial

22 01 2010

Its only right I start this section of the blog off by showing love to one of my personal favorite artists, my SiDai (Martial younger brother) and good friend Substantial.  The man has great music available for purchase via iTunes or your local record store.  Very few artists people have his passion for his craft, and to top it off, this song was based around real life events.  Check it out.