Experience Through Observation

7 01 2014

Experience is definitely the best teacher, but observation saves you the time and embarrassment offered from the expertise.  I was taught/reminded of great lessons this past year.  Here are some of them. 

1. You attract what you advertise.  (Thanks to Ms. C. Hayden)
2. Spare the rod, spoil the child.  (Thanks to Mr. K. West)
3. Do what is right.  You set youself up for failure by only doing the nice thing.  (Thanks to Mr. D. Johnson)
4. When we only pay attention to our own thoughts, stupidity abounds.  (Thanks to Mr. H. Ross)
5. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  (Thanks to Mr. B. Grooman)
6. When one assumes, you make an Ass out of U and Me.  (Thanks to Mr. W. Collins)
7. Quiet the meaningless banter and listen to those truly speaking.  (Thanks to Mr. D. Ma)
8. Hold yourself in the highest light at all times, and people will naturally place you there.  (Thanks to Mrs. A. Hebert)
9. You will defeat yourself before you begin competing if you do not believe.  (Thanks to Ms. D. Thompson)
10. An open mind is always greater than a closed fist.  (Thanks to Miss. B. Seifer)
11. Only a few will ever know you.  Cherish them.  (Thanks to Mr. J. Braxton)
12. If you are not willing to listen, don’t expect to be heard.  (Thanks to Mrs. D. Wellington)
13. The grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence.  (Thanks to Ms. E. Brice)
14. Love yourself first.  Others will learn to truly love you when you accomplish this.  (Thanks to Ms. V. Alston)
15. Focus on the lessons, not the teacher.  (Thanks to the JGKAA)
16. Always stand up for what is right, even if you have to sacrifice something you love.  (Thanks to Mr. T. Nguyen)
17. Believe even when it doesn’t make sense.  (Thanks to Mr. A. Lim)
18. You control the beauty of your life.  (Thanks to Mr. S. Kim & Ms P. Moore)
19. Even if nobody says it, know that you are beautiful.  (Thanks to Ms. L. Lucas)
20. Always build your skills and never get complacent.  (Thanks to Ms. A. Deboe)
21. Humility is always the best way.  (Thanks to Mr. D. Jessell)
22. The smallest thing you do can inspire more than you can imagine.  (Thanks to Ms. E. Badu)
23. The youth are watching.  Give them something good.  (Thanks to Mr. S. Robinson)
24. Publicity is meaningless unless you give it some mearning.  (Thanks toYahoo.com)
25. Steel sharpens Steel.  (Thanks to The Red Canvas)
26. Make yourself valuable and you will always be needed.  (Thanks to Mrs. K. McCullough)
27. Control your emotions, or be a slave to them.  (Thanks to Mr. V. Thomas)
28. Skills can only take you but so far.  (Thanks to Mr. B. Redmond)
29. Taking sound advice always improves your position.  (Thanks to Mrs. S. Julien)
30. You will get what you want only when you are truly ready to receive it.  (Thanks to Miss F. Dione)
31. After a season of loss and disappointment, make sure to complete the grieving and healing process before you move on.  (Thanks to Ms. A. Funderburk) 

I thank everyone who with or without their knowledge added to my own.  You’re instructions are all appreciated. Here’s to a better 2014.


Leaders vs Followers

2 01 2014

Leaders Inspire.  Followers Obligate.

Leaders are okay with standing out, but do not require it.  Followers are scared of standing out, and require a group to blend in with.

Leaders embrace followers to show they are equal.  Followers shun those that are not a part of the group.

Leaders may not have all the answers, but they are willing to do the work to find them.  Followers only have the answers fed to them by the leader.

Leaders love the group. (Individually and as a whole)  Followers love the leader, and tolerate other followers.

Leaders are okay with being incorrect from time to time, for this is how they learn.  Followers hate being wrong, and are too preoccupied with teaching you to learn a thing.

Leaders don’t ask you to follow them.  You just do.  Followers insist that you follow them, even when everything in you says not to.

Leaders try new things that others fear or ridicule.  Followers try new things that are trendy.

Leaders love to think.  Followers love to have others think for them.

Leaders strive to create more leaders.  Followers strive to stay in the group.

Leaders hate “group think.”  Followers depend on “group think.”

Leaders encourage independent thinkers.  Followers strive to quell them.

Leaders only wish is for you to understand the lesson.  Follower’s only wish is to be like the leader.