Advice For Singles

26 02 2013

I did not create this.  I am not a councilor.  I got this information from a message called How To Love by Pastor James Marshall of Zion Church.

He had a special message for singles and these were part of the notes I took.  These notes are for me.  I need help with this.  If this helps you, great!  If you have questions, I can only answer from the perspective of what I learned.  Pastor Marshall may be able to help you out further.


1 Corinthians Chapter 7

Genesis  Chapter 2 vs 7 to end.

John Chapter 15 verse 13

8 Points for Singles:

1. Health before happiness.  Heal First.  Me Time.

2. Purpose before process.

A. Why am I here?

B. Why am I pursuing marriage?

C. Define who you are looking for.

3. Dont underestimate the power of friendships.  Its easier to develop romantic feelings for someone you have a friendship with, than to develop a friendship with someone you have romantic feelings for.

4. Create a healthy pace for the relationship and maintain the pace.  Go through at least 4 seasons with your interest at each stage.  (1 year as friends.  1 year as a couple.)

5. Never look like something you aren’t.  Honor God.  If you aren’t married, don’t look like you are.  If you are married, don’t look like you aren’t.

6. Outside of marriage, sex is a setup for failure.  Sex was in part created to reunite the emotional bond between a married couple.  The other part was for procreation.  And always remember, Sex will always accomplish its purpose, whether you like it or not.  Whether you are married or not.  And if you are not married, you will experience this.

7. Make sure contentment is not based on another human being.  (General Life Contentment.)

8. Exhaust all possible resources before making a lifetime commitment.