Aint Changing

18 03 2012


The one thing that is guaranteed in this world is change.  It is a sign of growth; a right of passage from your current stage towards your destination.  It is inevitable.  

We all change.  Nobody truly stays the same.  If we did, then we would all be infants, for that simple example shows how important change truly is to us as living, breathing beings.

Change is physical.  Change is spiritual.  Change is social.  Change can represent the birth of a idea or the death of an era.  Respiration is change for if with stay at an inhaled or exhaled state, the change that we will undergo shall be a permanent one. 

Of course, not everyone sees the positive in this.  Some say, “Don’t forget where you came from,” expecting that the same person they grew up around will remain the same.  Keeping it real means not changing when you gain some wealth, status, or position.  I understand this to a degree, as every iota of a person’s being does not have to change when their circumstances change.

The key element to know is that change goes hand in hand with growth, and it is impossible to grow and to expect not to change.  It does not matter how you are growing, you will change.  If you cannot accept change, you cannot accept growth.

There are a population of people that refuse to be changed.  They don’t want a man or a woman to change them to be someone else.  They don’t want their diet to change, or their activity level to change.  They don’t want their work habits to change.  They don’t want their comfort level to change.  Now, we do live freely, and we can all choose to do what we want and how.  What we all have to accept is that there will be consequences for whatever choices we make.

So you don’t have to accept the change in your comfort level.  You can remain at the same level of existence that you currently have… with no growth.

You don’t have to change your work habits.  You can remain at the same level of mediocrity that you currently have until your bosses are sick of you.  As long as you partly understand that the lack of growth may eventually lead to you being laid off, you can chose to stay where you are.

You don’t have to change your workouts or food intake.  You can eat all the junk food you want and live the lie that your current level of activity is sufficient to keep you alive and free from sickness.  Your body may change for the worse, but at least your mind is still the same… right?

You don’t have to let that man or woman change you to be something or someone you are not  You can stay your independent self.  I mean, you know that getting that engagement or wedding ring is a change, but remember, you are against change.  Right?


Hard to Find… Harder to Leave… Impossible to Forget…

15 03 2012

As life sends you through your ups and downs, you start and progress to seeing who your true friends are.  Those that are around that truly care become as clear as day.  Its a harsh reality to deal with, however it can make you look at those who are indeed there for you so much differently.  The bond becomes so much stronger.  Your ability to talk to them about whatever, even if you don’t agree with them, increases.  It is not always about fun times, smiles and laughter.  In fact, by this point, it is no longer about that at all.  It is about Quality Time with those you love.  The quantity may vary, but the quality of it does not waiver.  You look forward to seeing that person, even if it is for a few minutes.  You know that you will be able to get so much out of that little interaction.

I have people that fit into this category.  I know people that have people that fit into this category.  While others people you know may be just as friendly as those you are close to, there is a kind of security blanket that those that are dear to you hold.  Only they can have access to certain areas of your life.  Only they can know what it is like to see you at your highest joy or to see you crying your eyes out, or to see you so passionate about something that you are shaking ready to fight.  That is love.

We don’t always have to be smiling.  In fact if we were, that means someone is lying and we need to distance ourselves to find out what their angle is.  The facade doesn’t count here.  Here, you show who you are at the core, I show who I am at the core, and we accept it as such.

One day, if The Lord so chooses to bless me, I would love to have a wife who can fit this position.  There is nothing better than waking up to your best friend every day.  The reality is that bond is supposed to be so much more than even the term Best Friend.  100% Trust, 100% Love, 100% support.  Amazing.  Blessings to those that have that bond.


1 03 2012

“I am highly disappointed in you.

You and I were supposed to be special.

We were supposed to show the world what special is.

Why can’t you be better?  You know you can be better.  You know you can try harder.

You know you can try.

Look at me.  Don’t turn your eyes away.  Do better…”


I will try Lord… but I need your help.