2Eyes2Ears1Mouth = ?

27 02 2012

If you cannot listen, you will not learn.

Listening is such an important part of any relationship.  Think about them and name them.  Student/Teacher, Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Employer/Employee, Friend/Friend, Parent/Child, God/Creation, and anything you could possibly think of.


How do you learn if you cannot listen?


And Mind you, when I say listen, I do not simply mean the audible act of listening, for those that cannot hear sounds have proven themselves more than adept at the art of listening.


Listening is an art in itself.  It takes great strength to do so.  The restraint it takes to allow someone else to take the floor and fill the immediate space with their own vision of what is, and what is not is a great struggle in itself.  Don’t we all have our own vision of what it is and what it is not?  Don’t we all believe ourselves to be Right?  Surely we do for if we did not see ourselves as right or at least necessary, we would have changed a long time ago to become that right?  I mean, who wants to be wrong?  And if there is Right in this world and I am it, then that by default makes everything else wrong…



So why listen if its all wrong in the first place?  I mean, if they are wrong, all they would want to do is change me to be as equally wrong as they are.  And I can’t do that, I am too busy being right.  I mean look at that person…

He is so young.

She is so old.

He is black.

She is white.

I gave birth to him.

I knew her back in the day.

I don’t know him at all.

She is Muslim.

He is Christian.

She is atheist.

He is broke and doesn’t even own his own house.

She had sex with a man that was married and didn’t care.

He is an alcoholic.

She is too thin.

He is too fat

She is weak.

He is sexist.

She is a drug addict.

He never went to college.

She used to swing with Dirty Jose.  I would never do that.

His people have always been so meek and unassertive.

Her people were always so loud and ignorant.

They are not even from this country.


What can I possibly learn from him?

What can I possibly learn from her?


Are you listening?