Open Letter – Selfish

2 01 2012

One of the saddest things you can experience is loving someone that you know will not reciprocate it.

One hand cannot clap by itself.

You know you love that person, purely.  You don’t cheat.  You are committed.  You do what you need to do for the relationship.

You do what you can to be a better man or a better woman, but its just not good enough.

You are constantly judged on your shortcomings.  When you bring up an issue you have a problem with, which you would like to see a resolution to for the sake of the relationship, you are called out as judgmental.

You cannot make sacrifices alone.

You cannot change your entire being while your significant other remains the same.

You need to see an effort on their part.

Of course he/she is a wonderful person, and their friends can attest to that fact.  So can You, however their friends have not had an intimate relationship with them.

Friends stay around a person for a limited amount of time.  They go out for drinks.  They party.  They may even go on a vacation together.  They generally do “fun temporary activities” with them.

Friends don’t experience what they are like when they first wake up.

Friends don’t experience the bitchy moodswings.

Friends don’t get passionate kisses.

Friends don’t have sex.

Friends don’t have the intricacies of a deeply rooted relationship where the slightest wrong move can equate to hurt feelings or disrespect.

Friends are not privy to those extremely sensitive parts of a person.

This is why friendships last longer than romantic relationships.  If friendships were as close, they would be as fragile.

Real intelligent friends understand this and even though they want to protect their friend, they understand the delicate nature of these relationships and they avoid stepping on the sanctity of them.

These friends are rarities, so cherish them.

The problem is…

When these friends go home, and the celebration is over…

You will be left alone.

Is your pride worth losing something special?

Do you consider it special anymore?

There was a time when you were going through anguish praying for that “something special.”

Too often do we take what we were given for granted.