O.G.M.P. #5 – God’s Illa

20 07 2011

These brothers have been called the new millennium version of Brand Nubian.  That alone says something great about them.  Repping the DMV and Brooklyn, you have a group of brothers not only making positive, bangin music, but also have a dope clothing line.  You ask where the real hip hop is, and as long as brothers like Ace, Powerful and Truth are around, the answer isn’t too far off.  Check them on iTunes.


(Notes) – Dealing With A Broken Soul (Part 2) – 7 Steps to Grieving Process

19 07 2011

In order to grow, no matter whatever is bothering us, we must go through a grieving process.

The issue is never starting it, it is COMPLETING IT.

Complete the process and grow

incomplete process = being STUCK

7 Steps:

1. Name your pain. – What happened?  What did it cost you?  You can’t rebuke everything is Jesus name.  Some things are placed in your face for you to work through to get you to a better place.

2. Grieve your loss.  You can’t heal without it.

3.  Try on your offenders shoes.  Everything about them.  Deep meditation on this point.

4. What pearls came out of your pain?  You become better because of the pain you went through.

5.  Journal your feelings.  Get the pain out of your system.  Even if you have to write a letter to the person who offended you and not send it, do it for the sake of getting the pain out of your system.

6. Release your offender.  Give up the right for revenge or anger.  Untie the knot.

7.  Reach out to your offender.  Forgiveness heals.


(Notes) – Dealing With A Broken Soul (Part 1)

19 07 2011

re: Stuck seminar – 2008

Past Hurt causes one to focus on the pain, and not God

It Follows one

Emotionally Unhealthy

Makes one Unproductive

God can heal your past and bless your future

Your history need not hinder your future

God can allow us to see the past but forget the pain

Read Genesis Chapter 41

Manasseh – (God made me forget all my misery)

Ephraim – (God has mad me fruitful in the land of my affliction)

Forget and be fruitful

The solution is growth

Growth happens in the valleys, not on the mountain tops

You cant grow if its everyone elses fault

victims never grow

(Notes) -v How Regret is Spawned…

6 07 2011

Judges chapter 14- story of Samson

Following the flesh only leads to regret

Regret comes when you lower your standards.

God has the highest of standards – keep God’s standards

Do not shun wise councel

Understand, there is a difference between “hating” and wise councel

Do not forget your promise to God

There will always be signs that come up that you need to change.

What signs are trying to steer us away from regret?

What signs have I ignored?

God is everywhere and speaks through any and everyone.  Make sure you hear the message.