Retrospect… May 1, 2011

2 05 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Gas prices are still $4+

Unemployment is still a rampant problem.

The Ecomony is still crap.

Troops are still deployed.

Troops are still in harms way.

The Twin Towers are still gone.

The 3,000+ people that died on 9/11/01 are still dead.

The 5,000+ American troops that died since 9/11/01 are still dead.

Al-Qaeda still exists and are probably looking for revenge, since one of their high ranking leaders “died a martyr,” in their eyes.

Now they have more reason to hate the US because people were dancing in the streets, in front of the White House.  No police broke up that party, so it looks like it was White House sanctioned.

Again, US troops are still deployed, and in harms way.

What did we accomplish again?