Work Your Relationship

16 12 2010

People often ask how to keep a romantic relationship that lasts.  With the rise of divorce rates and incomplete media portrayals of love, it seems almost impossible for anyone to expect to live happily ever after with Mr/Mrs Right-Now.  I for one, am no expert on the subject.  I have had my struggles like anyone else on what should or should not constitute a healthy relationship.  What I have learned over the years is that like most things in this world, if you want it, you have to work for it!

Many times, people in relatively new relationships are excited about meeting someone that they feel, “may be the one.”  Its a great feeling to have, especially if you have never been married or dont have children yet.  Your mind starts going a million miles a second, envisioning this person in photos with your family and friends.  You think about how they will fit in within your daily life and how happy and at ease you will be coming home to see their face.

Then you have an argument.

After your first argument, your vision of perfection may still be intact, however it is somewhat diminished.  It may be slightly skewed.  It may be completely off.  Either way, it was not what you thought it was.

Its cool though because life is full of obstacles.  You can’t expect that disagreements wont happen right?

One thing I have definitely learned in my time, is that for every relationship you have, be it personal or business, close or distant, family or acquaintances,  BOTH parties involved have to be willing to work at it growing and flourishing.  If either party is not interested, it will fall apart.  This is how we fall in and out of love, grow close and apart as friends, even get promotions with or change companies we work for.  And no, this does not mean that everything will always be alright.  Sometimes, there will be painful situations.  There will be arguments.  There will be trials and tribulations.  But if both parties are willing to work through the negatives, as well as enjoy the positives together, then they will stay together.


You can’t just be there for the harvest.  You have to be there sowing the seeds too.