…by all means necessary…

17 11 2010

When a person learns a martial art, they go through several phases.  Initially, the practitioner is typically very excited and ready, willing and able to show what they can do.  They want to show off, or prove themselves.  Typically this is a very war like time period.  They know enough to defend themselves, but they do not know enough to subdue/beat their main opponent.  Themselves.  They are a person with a weapon.

After many years of developing skill and refining beyond lethality, the practitioner matures in skill and spirit.  They know and fully understand what they are.  They go from having a weapon, to being the weapon.  This knowledge makes one appreciate life.  They no longer find it necessary to showcase their skill.  They conceal it and when confronted, they bury it under mounds of humility.  They have to.  For they know that if they have even a shimmer of pride, that they can and will end someone’s life for something trivial.  This is to be avoided at all costs.

In conjunction with this stage, the practitioner goes into another stage, one there they constantly seek peace.  The weapon ceases to exist.  All that remains is peace.  Its not even a situation of seeking it.  It just is.

I need peace.  I dont want to live a life constantly going to war on many fronts.  Life is not war.  Life is about balance, but constant war is not balance.  All war-mongers typically become the master of their own demise.  I can not accept such a fate.