Pride and Consequence

9 08 2010

I often write with a focus that can be taken and applied to multiple facets of life.  Recently, my words have been perused and criticized/questioned by a particular group of people who will remain nameless.  Well, regardless of what they think of me, my words, or my intentions, I always had the same intentions that I have now, to bring the best out of people.  I would rather people avoid learning things the hard way.  Funny enough, some of my colleagues know this and prefer that people learn the hard way.  The often say to others, “…John is the nice one.  He tells you what you need to hear, while I just allow you to fall flat on your face.”  My “niceties” were taken as disrespect due to the fact that I did not lie to save feelings, no matter how subtle the message was.  Its ok though, for Christ was persecuted for the same thing.  Good company to be in.  Regardless, my message continues to those that have an ear to hear.

The message today is this.  If you are in any field of study, humility should be paramount in how you attain your knowledge.  Often times people get to caught up in how much they know, and not enough in, what can I learn from so-and-so.  Even in the person at hand appears to know less than you, keeping humble gives you the ability to gain knowledge and not shun it.

There are many who like to give the illusion of humility, however when it comes to it, they are narcissistic in nature.  This only limits your experience in life, and we all know that your knowledge is based on your experience.  Even those placed in the position of teacher can learn from their students, for all teachers will tell you that one of the best ways to learn is through teaching.  Humility in both individuals makes way for great acquisition of knowledge.  The moment one of the two loses humility, the learning process becomes stagnant and difficult.

I learned of a situation at a martial arts school in NYC where certain students are taking the proud route and are pushing someone who has superior skill but less tenor at the school to make some drastic moves.  The elder students are throwing their tenor around recklessly and are about to get challenged for their position.  This can and will be a big shame to them.  I hope for their sake that they calm their spirit and learn to be humble.