Seven Principles of The Roach

27 07 2010

This was inspired by The Seven Principles of an Eagle by Dr.Myles Monroe.  While there is a degree of satire in this post, there are actual lessons we can learn here too.

Seven principles of the Roach

1. Roaches Don’t die They Multiply!

The power of community is the power of change!

Love Who you are and where you come from!

2. Live beyond your years.

A roach can live for 9 days without its head.

Stay young at heart and keep your life interesting!

3. Live under all circumstances.

When the nuclear fallout occurs, roaches will be the only thing alive.

Get used to struggle.  Embrace it, therefore life will be easier when you don’t have to struggle.

4. If you fail, its because they used half a can of Raid on you.

Roaches are hard to kill.

Stay relentless in all your doings.  Success is eminent.

5. Feed your kids

Roaches have lots of them.

Keep the next generation as hungry as you are (for success).

Do not make the lives of your children so easy that they can not fend for themselves when times get rough.

Struggle builds character.

6. Fly when you can.

Roaches have wings and can fly, although not often.

Do something out of the ordinary for yourself.  Have fun.

Don’t get caught up in the everyday drudgery of life.

7. Don’t think about what others say about you.

Roaches are generally seen as the scum of the earth, but they live on and aren’t going anywhere.

Focus on YOU and what you bring to the table, regardless of what others think of you.


You Remind Me Of…

19 07 2010

Have you ever seen people on TV or in person, who you didn’t know personally, but wish you did? There is something about them which appeals to you. Maybe they are very beautiful, or have a wonderful personality. They may be very intelligent or appeal to your sense of humor. Probably some combination of these, but the problem is that you don’t know them and probably will never meet them.

We should all have people that fall into this category. What is funny is that these people aren’t always famous either. I have some acquaintances who fall into this category. For one reason or another, we never got to know each other outside of the typical head nod or handshake. Regardless, there is something about these people that we can relate to.

One thing to keep in mind is that whatever it is that we are relating to, someone else that IS in our lives probably has it in some degree. It’s not like we just found it out of nowhere. These people who we wish to know better are really representative of the people that we have or had in our lives at one point in time.  This is a reason why they say that we marry the person that is most like our parent.  Familiarity.   With this in mind, remember to cherish those that are in your life and make the most out of each time you are in their presence.

There are multiple people swimming around in my head as I write this, and in so many ways do I relate and admire them. I am grateful for the time God has given us of influence on one another. If I were to write what I thought about some of you specifically, you might look at me completely differently (especially those that I haven’t seen in many years) so just know that I wish the best for you and know that those people who are currently in your circle are enjoying your presence as much as I did in the past.

For those in the present, I am thoroughly enjoying your presence now and look forward to many more years of doing so.

Rant # 112,354 REVISED

14 07 2010

1. I can’t stand the snow.  I don’t understand people who live in the north and dealing with it all the time.  (Still Agree)

2. For some dumb reason I went to Syracuse. (Everything happens for a reason)

3. I am quite fortunate to know the people I know in the industry. (What industry?  Stop acting like there is only one.)

4. For good and bad reasons, they are why I wont put out my music for mass consumption.

5. If you want to hear it just ask.  Maybe I will say, “sure listen…”

6. Bacon  (Turkey Bacon to be Exact)

7. I hate being in debt.

8. #6 was for my roommate’s son.  (If you don’t understand, you wont)

9. I remember why I used to play video games without pause.  Now I pause before playing any game. (I still play from time to time.)

10. Books are so much more rewarding.

11. I am a firm believer in reading books and taking notes on what was read like it was class or something.  You get so much more out of it.

12. Everyone needs to read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

13. Even after reading it, nobody will do anything to help “the situation.”

14. I love my attitude on life.  It’s what got me to where I am today.  If it intimidates you, then you need to become a stronger person or get away from me.  I am not changing for anyone.

15. “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are…” – Shi Yan Ming

16. If I walked up to you, hardly knowing you, and told you to cut your hair because you look ugly, would you?

17. Lying to people only makes things worse for them.  Its selfish.

18. Public Gyms have way too much eye candy.

19. I wonder how much brain candy is in them.  (like I really give a care…)  (Gotta go somewhere else for that.)

20.I remember when people didn’t curse so damn much… lol

21. I actually wish that people as a whole didn’t.  Its about being more articulate. (I need to follow this advice.)

22. What the hell ever…

23. I have a list of 76 qualities I am looking for in a life partner. (Its now up to 78)

24. If a woman can hit 80% on that list, she is worth being talking to.

25. If she can maintain 80%, then she is worth being with.

26. After a while, she naturally becomes my 100%.  (awwwww…)

27. I’m not going to talk about the friend I have that is currently at 93%, because y’all will ask me the obvious question.  (The more I spoke with this friend, the more I realized that she was actually more like a 54%.  lol… Thank God that didn’t work.)

28. No its not Yvette.  I refuse to rate her.  (ewwww… that family for real…)

29. Most UFC fighters are average at best.

30. The best have admirable skill.

31. I would love to spar against Brock Lesner.  A man of his high skill level is truly an anomaly and worth testing one’s skill against.

32. I often fight to the level of my competition, unless they are ridiculously below me.

33. I will be this age in a month. (Not anymore.  Currently this age)

34. I may continue this later…

35.  I have reached a higher understanding of myself and placement in this world.

36.  People don’t bother me as much as they used to anymore.

37.  If they are supposed to be in my life, they will be.  If not, they won’t be.

38.  I learned to accept that and its a great feeling.

39.  One year ago exactly, someone I wanted in my life walked out of it.  It hurt me badly.

40.  I am happy now, and have accepted that the person did not care enough to have me in their life and thus did not deserve me in their life.

41.  I am thankful and celebrate the lives of those that want me and have me in their life.

42.  I know the degrees of this vary, and I accept that too, which is why I wont get mad at flake y people any more.

43.  Its nice to feel free of all boundaries.

44. I knew I would come back to this rant again.  There wont be a revision to this one again.

Natural Hair, Natural You

13 07 2010

Every Black woman I ever dated had locks.  (dreads)

Every woman I ever seriously considered dating had natural hair.

Every woman I look at as an icon for beauty either has or has had Natural Hair. (Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Lisa Bonet, Lauryn Hill, etc.)

It speaks volumes about you.  First and foremost it says that you will be defined by your maker and YOUR own actions.  You will not conform to what society dictacts.  You will decide for yourself what it should be and what it should not be.  It is a sign of patience and strength and a crown of glory.  You aren’t doing this for anyone else but yourself.  You are proud of you.

the type of man that it attracts, knows all this, for he is just as strong and independent, and has been searching for one like him to raise a strong family with.

Blessings to all those who find their own beauty outside of what this society tries to force.

No, I did not plan on having a long blog about this one.  There is no need to go in depth.  Your beauty speaks for itself.


9 07 2010

As long as I am alive I will have something to say.  Keeping it inside is not an option.  I refuse to hold my tongue for anyone.  That person may or may not be in my life long anyway.  Nothing is guaranteed.  What is guaranteed to me however is this breath that I am taking RIGHT NOW.  I may not get the next one, so as long as I have this one I will use it the best way possible.  If this means I forfeit a future with people that claim to love me (Friends, Family, Spouse, Children) then so be it.

THIS IS ME.  You can make YOUR choice…