The Internet – Last Blog/SCRATCH THAT

19 06 2010

This damn thing has been the cause of all of my woes in life lately.

Its the reason I am not speaking with certain people I used to call friends.

Its the reason I am no longer a part of the school I attended.

Its the reason someone who I wanted by my side is looking at me strangely and can’t trust me.

Enough is enough.  If yall want to talk to me, do so in person.  I am done.




1 06 2010

Retrospection is a great thing.  It can help with decisions for the future.

One thing I have done in the past with certain people is not expect much from them.  In the longrun, those people wound up being very important in my life in some way, shape or form.

I also put people in a very high light and position in my mind.  Those people wound up being horrible failures to what greatness I envisioned for them.

The importance of this is learning balance in the area of human relations.  This can the difference between long friendships or short ones, meaningful relationships or acquaintances,  marriage and divorce and many other dichotomy.

Once boundaries are put up, regardless of how pleasant they may be, the inhabitant becomes a hamster, constantly trying to escape.  Take away the boundaries and the inhabitant creates its own structure which may be greater than what you imagined for them.

Some areas are not good for this philosophy.  Rearing of children is definitely an area that need not apply; not initially at least.  In time, then it does apply, but not  from inception, and that is the problem many new parents do not understand.  But this wasn’t really the topic at hand.

I am really glad certain things occurred and others did not from my past.  The people, places and events that I could have been a part of would have certainly made me something I am not.   Comical, how some things that used to make one swoon, excited, invigorated, nervous, now can make the same person roll their eyes in contempt or vice versa.  Is it hypocrisy or just balance?

Refinement of self.  Not better, not worse, just you.  Your true self.