23 04 2010

You always treated me like a Kid.  Its disrespectful.  I did not deserve that from you.  I gave you the utmost respect.

You will never understand me because you never took the time to.

You have no idea who I am do you?

You are so lost in your own world.  Its actually comical.

I should have seen the luggage you had.

I wish you were near.  You are just cool peeps.  One day we will see each other.

You need to learn to listen, and your life will be much easier.

I hope to meet you first, next lifetime.

I wish I met you.  There is so much I could have learned from you.

You are too angry.  Sad part is, that you are beautiful, inside and out.

You don’t know what you are missing.  That’s ok if you want to ig me.

I miss you.  I know things are going well for you.  See you soon God willing.

I hope things are going well with you.  You need some positivity in your life.

Don’t contact me.  Contact God.  Only HE can help you.

Thanks for showing me what kind of snake you are.  You only brought your misery upon yourself.

Stop acting dumb.  You aren’t fooling anyone.

You are too self-conscious.  I hope now you gain a little more confidence.

Just be you.  Don’t try to impress anyone else.

Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be around.  Handle your business.

Stop frontin.  Tell everyone who you are already.

You need serious mental help.  Stop making excuses.

Keep working hard.  God Bless all of you.

You will never be what you think you are.

Listen to your father.  He is very wise.

Listen to your father.  He is very wise.

Listen to your father.  He is very wise, but you knew that already.

Listen to your uncle.  He is very wise.

Dude, as wise as you are, you are still bat shit crazy.  Thank you for being family.

Flatten your “heart” and breath.

You left too early, Rest in peace.


A conversation between God and Man

19 04 2010

M: Why can’t I just have what I want.

G: Because you wont want what you have.

54 Pickup

7 04 2010

I made this workout for my brother C-Rayz Walz.  He loved it.  I need to send him some new ones.  For those that are interested here it is.  You will need a deck of cards with jokers.

Pick 4 exercises that will challenge you.  (pushups, sit ups, v-ups, mountain climbers, bench press, pullups, chair dips, etc.)

Assign a type of exercise for each of the following:





Face cards are worth 10 reps

Aces are worth 11 reps

jokers = 50 reps of the last exercise you were just doing

Deal 6 cards and decipher the workout and number of reps to do for that round.   Superset the exercises with no rest in between.   After that round, put those cards to the side and deal 6 more.  (9 rounds total to go through all the cards.)  (Go for time!)

I listen to this for inspiration as I workout or do Chi Gung.  (It works in both areas for me… Thank you my brother…)

I’m Talking to YOU! (A Message to the Black Man)

5 04 2010

Its your fault…

You didn’t comfort her in her time of sorrow…  You were her sorrow…

You didn’t tell her she was beautiful as she was… You dreamed of other beauty…

You didn’t protect her from those objectifying predators… You acted like one…

You didn’t stand up as a man… you sat and watched her like a boy…

You didn’t raise her to be a woman… so she thinks like a Man…

You didn’t allow her to be soft… so she calloused…

You didn’t want to pull your weight…  so she pulled yours…

You didn’t tell her how beautiful her afrikan features were… Now she is blonde and blue eyed

You didn’t tell her how much more respect you had for her clothed… now she bares all that is sacred…

You didn’t stand up for her when THEY put her down… You stepped over her…

You didn’t do the chivalrous thing and take her baggage away…  You added more…

You didn’t stand by her side… only her backside

You didn’t care to know her name… only KNOW her…

You didn’t care to make her stronger…  Only Harder…

You wonder why your woman is single?  Because she is looking for her MAN.  Being male is not enough.  Blaming America is not going to get you anywhere.  Take hold of your own destiny.  Step up and take your responsibility Black Man!

Little boys do what they want.  Men do what their responsibility dictates must be done.  You have a responsibility to be better for your woman, for the future of your children, for the souls of those that came before you, and for yourself.