Random Rant #112,354

5 02 2010

1. I can’t stand the snow.  I don’t understand people who live in the north and dealing with it all the time.

2. For some dumb reason I went to Syracuse.

3. I am quite fortunate to know the people I know in the industry.

4. For good and bad reasons, they are why I wont put out my music for mass consumption.

5. If you want to hear it just ask.  Maybe I will say, “sure listen…”

6. Bacon

7. I hate being in debt.

8. #6 was for my roommate’s son.  (If you don’t understand, you wont)

9. I remember why I used to play video games without pause.  Now I pause before playing any game.

10. Books are so much more rewarding.

11. I am a firm believer in reading books and taking notes on what was read like it was class or something.  You get so much more out of it.

12. Everyone needs to read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

13. Even after reading it, nobody will do anything to help “the situation.”

14. I love my attitude on life.  It’s what got me to where I am today.  If it intimidates you, then you need to become a stronger person or get away from me.  I am not changing for anyone.

15. “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are…” – Shi Yan Ming

16. If I walked up to you, hardly knowing you, and told you to cut your hair because you look ugly, would you?

17. Lying to people only makes things worse for them.  Its selfish.

18. Public Gyms have way too much eye candy.

19. I wonder how much brain candy is in them.  (like I really give a care…)

20.I remember when people didn’t curse so damn much… lol

21. I actually wish that people as a whole didn’t.  Its about being more articulate.

22. What the hell ever…

23. I have a list of 76 qualities I am looking for in a life partner.

24. If a woman can hit 80% on that list, she is worth being talking to.

25. If she can maintain 80%, then she is worth being with.

26. After a while, she naturally becomes my 100%.  (awwwww…)

27. I’m not going to talk about the friend I have that is currently at 93%, because y’all will ask me the obvious question.

28. No its not Yvette.  I refuse to rate her.  (ewwww… that family for real…)

29. Most UFC fighters are average at best.

30. The best have admirable skill.

31. I would love to spar against Brock Lesner.  A man of his high skill level is truly an anomaly and worth testing one’s skill against.

32. I often fight to the level of my competition, unless they are ridiculously below me.

33. I will be this age in a month.

34. I may continue this later…




One response

5 02 2010

good rant… I’ve always found them cleansing.

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